Thursday, August 23, 2012

Life Lately

Where, oh, where have I been? Well...let me tell you...Busy with an almost 5 month old and an almost 2 year old, bridal shower planning for a beautiful, sweet sister-friend, and planning for what will hopefully be a fun-filled 2 year birthday! Life has been chaotic lately, but amazing at the same time. I'll go into details later, but first I'll post some pics....oh, and if there's no details about our hectic lives lately at the end, it's because I was too tired after uploading images!

Jeremiah's 1st Month

Jeremiah's 2nd Month

Jeremiah's 3rd Month

Jeremiah's 4th Month
(he lost A LOT of his's growing
back though...picture to follow in 5th Month)

My sweet girl
(the word sweet is used loosely:))

Learning how to smile for pictures

I just like this one:)

My little foot sucker

Rock star Kylie

My sister and I were pregnant at the same time
so this is sweet Savanna....only a week younger than Jeremiah!

So beautiful!

Jeremiah and Savanna..only a few weeks old
Yep, the picture is not rotated the right way, and,
nope, I didn't fix it....

First trip to Disneyland as a family!

My smile is very intense and looks forced...
Jeremiah's wondering who that big mouse is...
Kylie is scared of "Mickey Mousie"...
and Matt is the only one who looks decent...

Love this picture of my two favorite guys

...and there's the foot sucker again:)

And just as I, I'm too tired to really post much else. My little man has woken up twice while writing this post. He has been sleeping horribly lately...waking up between 5-7 times nightly! He slept better at 2 months, only waking up once or twice, than he does now! I am one tired mama!...and have learned to be a walking zombie.

And let's just say Kylie keeps me busy. She's always been active and that hasn't changed. She talks all the time and is constantly asking "What's that?" I've learned to explain everything to her and if she gets it, great!, and if not, no big deal. Crazy thing is that I think she may not understand until a few days later SHE explains things to me or tells me sentences and phrases I didn't even know she knew!

All this to say that even though I'm tired, I love these little munchkins like I didn't know I could love. I have a wonderful, hard-working husband who takes care of us and even though I struggle through some days and feel like I'm failing at times, I am thankful for the life I have and the season that I'm in. It's a busy season and I feel like my house is never clean, but at the same time, there's a sense of happiness when I see Kylie's toys strewn about the house, Jeremiah's little giggles, a shared look between Kylie and me, and the smell of Kylie's head when I kiss her at night and Jeremiah's baby smell in our bedroom, and yes, even the sight of the 13 razors that Matt leaves in our shower when  he's gone. Yep, 13! Apparently, he needs to have a lot of razors to shave his head and forgets to throw the dull ones away.

But without all these things, life just wouldn't be life in our household. It's those little things that makes life MY life. I once saw a post on Facebook that said, "Without kids, my house would be clean, my wallet would be full, but my heart would be empty". I loved that because it is so true for me. My sweet friend, Erica, also shared her theme verse with me, "And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up" Galatians 6:9. I may not be able to go out on date nights right now, or be away from Jeremiah for more than 2 hours (he REFUSES a bottle), or go out with the girls, but that's ok. I'm investing in my children and I will NEVER wish that I had less time with them.

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