Saturday, October 27, 2012

What's the Haps?

Life has been busy lately! Taking care of a VERY active 2 year old and an on-the-go 6 month old is no easy task! This 6 month old is crawling like a pro! He is growing too fast!

I may be biased, but...SO handsome :)

Love the sweetness of this pic

close-up of my little man

6 months!

eating a pear

I'm coming for you!

Yep...this little guy stood up on his own.
Slow down little man!

When I started this post, my little man was 6 months old, but a couple days ago he turned 7 months old!

Here's some proof on how I've been keeping my toddler busy...

Kylie Stamping (which, of course, entertains her all of 5 minutes!):

Playdates- this one is with Hailey, a friend we met at our local library storytime:

This is a Montessori Activity. Kylie is learning how to pour using lentil beans and a tea set:

Kylie's first time bowling:

Family tme at the L.A. County Fair:

Watercolor her baking uniform of course!:

Helping mommy make salad...VERY serious business:

An outing at the local Pumpkin Patch...or Pumpkin STORE as my friend likes to call it:

Another Painting Project:

Kylie LOVES pushing this stroller EVERY day:

Another playdate...this one is with Emily, and they are busy painting:

And another playdate!...this one is with Aubrey

Are you tired yet? It takes A LOT to keep this little one entertained and busy!

I couldn't resist posting some sibling pictures. Jeremiah lights up when his sister comes into the room. I guess that's because sister Kylie loves to kiss and hug her brother more than she pushes and bonks him on the head (that was more frequent in the beginning). Guess she learned this LITTLE, BIG  guy was here to stay!

And....the couple who created these munchkins! Obviously, we ALWAYS dress like this...

Hope you enjoyed because this busy mama probably won't be blogging again for a while! (It's taken me about a week to blog this!)