Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Kylie!

This past Saturday, August 27th, we had the joy of celebrating Kylie's 1st birthday! She was a little under the weather, but we still had fun celebrating with close family members and friends. Jamie...we missed you! This blog post is for you! Matt, Grandma, and Grandpa....somehow I didn't get pictures of you! SOOOOO sorry! Thank you grandma and grandpa for letting us so graciously borrow your home!

We had delicious salads and pizza as our meal

Candy bar, cake, and snacks

There were quite a few kids (not all pictured)
Would you believe Kylie was the ONLY non-blonde!

Having fun in the pool!

Great Grandpa and Grandma with Kylie

3 beautiful generations of one of my favorite families:)

Me, my mom, sis, and Justin
The birthday cake!! Still have leftovers....anybody want some?

Singing, "Happy Birthday"

More singing...

A little unsure about this cake thing...

"I guess  I'll try it..."

"This is delicious!"

"A little bit more..."

"I'll just shove this piece in my mouth if you don't mind..."

Opening presents...

Kylie enjoying one of her favorite presents:)