Sunday, October 23, 2011

Life Lately...

     Time has escaped me and I haven't blogged for quite a while. Here's what's happening (briefly): Matt and I went on a short trip top Colorado to see if it could be our new home. We loved it! Of course, nothing can happen without him getting a job out there. Whether it's there, here, or somewhere else, I'm ready to buy a home for our expanding family. We'll see where God leads us.

     Kylie is getting so big! She talks (though it's hard to understand unless you're mommy or daddy), loves books being read to her, enjoys spinning, and rolling on the ground. She is very serious when first meeting people or when she's somewhere new.
Here are some pictures to accompany life lately...

A trip to the park:

Daddy and Kylie exploring

A little unsure about this...

Examining a blade of grass

Daddy's gonna get ya!

3 months pregnant!

I love my mommy so much!!!

 This is a pose I catch Kylie in quite a bit...

At the L.A. County Fair:

Daddy and Kylie

Head bonking with daddy

What a cool little girl!

Petting the goats

Time to dance!

....and dance some more!

At the Live Oak Canyon Pumpkin Patch (beautiful place!!):
Petting the goats again!

A goat sneezed on Kylie so she started getting
a little scared of them:(

Me, Kylie, Marin, and Hudson
(great friends from church!)

Choosing our pumpkins!

Yay! Family Picture!

Matt's arrtistic work...

And finally:
Me: 4 Months Pregnant!