Thursday, December 29, 2011


We have done many things this month to celebrate Christmas and to spend time with family and friends. One day we went to Knott's Berry Farm (Matt has a special at work where we get in for free!):

Meeting Snoopy for the 1st time!

Meeting Santa

We all got to sit with Santa!

On another night, we had the chance to visit the Mission Inn in Riverside:

The majestic Mission Inn

Grandpa, Grandma, and Kylie

Auntie Jamie. Kylie, and Grandma

The Gomez trio (for now)

On another chilly evening, we visited the Thoroughbred Christmas lights in Rancho Cucamonga with wonderful friends:

Strolling through the streets

Our friends, Anna and Ryan

Anna, me, Nicole, Kylie. and Kaitlyn

I think we forgot to tell them we were taking a picture....oops!

Pictures can not do this beautiful street of lights justice!

We went to a family Christmas Eve Party:

Kylie and Grandma (no...Kylie is NOT picking her nose,
she was pointing at something...)

Grandpa and Kylie

Kylie and Aunt Jamie

A silly daddy, Kylie, and Auntie Jamie

Hanging out with the bears

Kissing the bear

Our little family

Grandpa and Kylie reading (I think it's no secret that he's
one of Kylie's favorite people)

And...of course we celebrated Christmas with family!

Our morning at home:

Opening her stocking: cookies!-her favorite!

Is there more?

Just hanging out

Time to open a present!

What's that mommy?

Helping Daddy (aka nana- that's what she calls him...
don't ask me why...we ALWAYS say daddy)

Uncle Justin and Kylie

Uncle Justin, Auntie Clarissa, and Kylie

A very happy Auntie and Uncle-
shoes for little Savanna (on the way)

Christmas at Matt's parents:

Opening her stocking

What else is in there?

A hit gift with Matt

Opening her favorite kinds of gifts with Great Grandma Groff

Books! Her favorite kind of gift!

Great Grandma Gomez and Kylie

Jamie and Great Grandma Gomez

Kylie abd Great Grandpa Groff

Our trio opening some presents

This was another hit gift!

Matt is so silly!


Matt and Adriana...aka Daddy and Mommy

And finally....Christmas with the Thompsons and Leonards:

The girls with Kylie

The girls without Kylie


Ashley and Logan's prom picture

Our prom picture

Matt and Micah's prom picture

Grammy Pam and Kylie

Grammy Pam and Christian

Matt and Micah opening presents

Giving kisses

Date night gift

Reading together

A VERY happy Ashley!

The cutest couple! Christian and Kylie


Another YES!!!