Sunday, November 20, 2011

And we are having a....

Last week, we had a very small immediate family party to find out the sex of Baby Gomez #2. We had a cake ceremony in which we had the baker look inside of a sealed envelope that contained a picture that stated whether we were having a boy or girl. We told the baker to put pink buttercream frosting for a girl and blue buttercream frosting for a boy. are the results:

BUT first...the cake:

Everyone is so anxious!

Can you tell what we are having yet?

The inside of the cake is BLUE!
Like my bestie says, "YAY TEAM BLUE!"

Daddy's reaction...can you tell how excited he is?

Mommy's reaction...I secretly wanted a make it even...for now:)

5 months pregnant!
BOB- don't you dare say you can't tell I'm pregnant...there is DEFINITELY a belly;)

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