Thursday, April 7, 2011

7 Months!

It's been a while since my last blog...with our move to Rancho, we have been extremely busy. The last month and a half was spent preparing for the move and the last week and a half was spent unpacking and getting organized. BUT...back to the real reason for blogging...Miss Kylie.

She is now 7 months old (getting bigger and bigger by the minute!), is full on crawling, has 4 teeth, and even tries to stand on her own!
I just realized she looks a little cross-eyed here...don't judge her:)

This little girl keeps me busy! She is a baby on the go! I am fortunate to have many friends with babies so Kylie has lots of friends.

With our move to Rancho, we have been taking lots of walks and going to the park (EVERYTHING is so close and beautiful..we LOVE it)!

Kylie even had her first trip to the spa (just her little feet).

I think she is trying to give me a kiss:)

Matt and I have enjoyed watching this little one grow. She is so active and so fun to be around!


  1. She's gotten so much bigger!! Are you settled now? Moving is so stressful!

  2. so cute! I think she is going to be an early walker!!!!! :)