Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Typical Day

Here is some insight as to what a typical day looks like in the Gomez household:

Daddy leaves the house to go to work around 4ish.
I usually wake up whenever Kylie wakes up which is usually around 8 or 9, which may seem late, but I wake up about 3 times a night to pump or feed Kylie.
When Kylie wakes up, she eats.
She has tummy time

When she gets tired of tummy time, either she rolls herself over (or I give her a little nudge) and she plays with her activity gym friends. I balance my time by playing with her and getting ready for the day.

I change her (first set of clothes).
She enjoys hanging out on her changing table.
Then she eats again...

We go downstairs and she chills on the couch while I put the SleepyWrap on.

I put her in the SleepyWrap so she can take a nap and I can get my chores done

After her nap, she eats....(look at the size of that tummy!!)
Then she plays on her bouncy seat.
Now I can start working on dinner...
(By the way, she's on her 3rd outfit. The 1st one got
spit up on it, the 2nd one was peed on.)

Daddy comes home.
She eats again...
I work on dinner while Kylie and daddy play.

After dinner, we have family time which Bella likes to get in on...
Then, Kylie eats AGAIN....

We all head upstairs and daddy gives Kylie a bath.
(This is also my free time so I get to take my shower while daddy and Kylie bond.)

Finally, after bath time, Kylie eats one last time, we pray together, and then it's off to bed.
There you have it: a typical day in the life of the Gomez's. Hope you enjoyed the tour!


  1. I did enjoy the tour! :) Sounds very similar to our days. Except I have to take another one to and from school. But other than that, we live parallel lives, my friend. LOL!

  2. Awesome day! Isn't it a blessing to be home with your little one! :)