Thursday, October 14, 2010


My baby girl (she's losing some of her hair...
that's why she looks a little bald)
      Today, Kylie and I went to Adams to visit the staff and my former students. Kylie was the star of the show! I meant to take a picture..I even took the camera out...but in my forgetful state, I put the camera right back where it came from, without ever taking a picture of my students and Kylie! (I blame my memory loss on recently having a baby.) My students were so excited to finally see the baby. Last year they had given me a baby shower and they even named their tables after Kylie...(We Love Baby Gomez, Baby Gomez Rocks, etc.) Kylie was well loved by my students before she was even out of the womb.
     It was also really nice to see Adams' staff. (The staff had also given me a generous baby shower.) Kylie and I had lunch with 4 of the teachers and we had a great time chatting about school, babies, and life. I also got to sit in the lounge with the primary grade teachers and chat with them also. It was nice to be back home, but I wouldn't trade it for the time I get to spend with my little girl!

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  1. It was so wonderful seeing you and Kylie! You have done an amazing job at blogging lately as well!!