Monday, March 25, 2013

Jeremiah is officially ONE! Can't believe a whole year has flown by since my ten and a half pounder was born! We had a wonderful time celebrating this past weekend with a jungle themed birthday party! My little man is an absolute delight to be around. He LOVES to smile, explore, be outside, kiss and cuddle, follow and play with big sister, Kylie, enjoys dancing, using sidewalk chalk, and he NEVER stops moving. This little guy makes us so happy!

Pictures of our WILD party :)

Paws leading to the party

Greeting table

It's a jungle in here!

Dessert and Snack Table


Delicious and BEAUTIFUL cupcakes made by Ma!


Wild animals joined in on the party!

Jeremiah LOVED us singing to him!

Are you ABSOLUTELY sure I can eat this?

SOOOO yummy!

Opening presents :)

But this was the REAL present  of course!

 Kids At Play:

My sweet Savanna

Precious Bella

A very intense Parker

Enjoying the scene Isaac

3 Beauties: Jordynn, Emily, and Kylie


3 Explorers

Can't you see I'm busy?

Sweet Ashlyn

Baby Cakes Savanna

Artistic Kaitlyn
                                                                         Men at Play
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jeremiah!!!!!

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