Sunday, July 10, 2011

4th of July!

I'm a little late, but sometimes, with a little one, I don't always have time readily available;) This year we had a fun, food-filled 4th of July spent with friends we call family. 
BBQ'ing some yummy food!
Protein, Protein, Protein! Does he speak another language?

One little one in the water, one testing it out...
Who doesn't want to spend time with these precious munchkins?

Daddy and cute!:)

Everyone participated in the BBQ!...eating that is!

Kylie's already kissing the boys!

Precious smile!

Ashley and Kylie

These little ones melt our hearts!

FINALLY! A decent family photo!..well, except for the eating of the fingers thing..

Playing croquet...

Who knew Micah could juggle?!

Exploring grass for the first time

These Cali skies aren't always so clear!

Having a deep conversation..

Some played an action- packed, speedy game called Pounce...

Settling down and enjoying time together

We had an awesome time and even though we didn't get to see the fireworks because we had to put little Kylie to bed, our day and tummies were quite full!

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